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Of the radio network successfully compete to cable networks of transfer of packages x.25 and frame relay and area scales - cities. it is especially fair in relation to russia where the cable infrastructure practically is absent (except for moscow and leningrad). economically creation of wireless networks expediently because of low cost and speed of expansion that is important in the conditions of high inflation and dearness of resources.
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In the last some years wireless systems promptly win popularity as one of means for construction of computer networks. high popularity speaks several circumstances, the main things from which following:

  • Systems c provide code division between the several networks working in the given place in the same frequency range,suppose repeated use of a radio spectrum.
  • Extremely small terms of expansion of a wireless network, and also possibility fast and communications with mobile objects often do such network technically and economically attractive.
  • There is a great number of appendices in which the lining of a copper or fibre-optical cable is inexpedient for economic reasons or is simply impossible (historical buildings, the big shops, technological platforms removed on distance of several hundreds - thousand metres, mobile objects). in similar cases the wireless network can appear the unique decision.
For conditions of russia with its scales (including, industrial targets) and weak development of means of telecommunications, wireless communication systems undoubtedly are of special interest.

The basic scopes of technology of wireless data transmission are:
  • Integration of the territorially-carried local networks and workstations of one department into uniform information field.
  • The organisation of the main radio channels and multidot access to knots of global networks (including to knots internet).
  • - - Of information .
  • Creation of a transport infrastructure of management information system with uniform control centre and monitoring.
  • Creation of the territorial payment systems providing connection of cash dispenses and pos-terminals to to the centres.
  • The organisation of the uniform information environment with integration of the equipment of a computer telephony into ip-networks, including wireless.
The company "modern communications" being a communications service provider offers the services in the organisation of wireless communication channels in all territory moscow and other areas.
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