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The question:
I enter the password and i receive the message that the password is set incorrectly.
The answer:
It is probable at you russian keyboard layout is included or key capslock is pressed. at of the password pay attention to a current apportion.
The question:
That such a guest entrance?
The answer:
Guest entrance Guest entrance (.4-2930) guest, :
www.mcomm - open company site "modern communications" and www.dmitrow - the site of the city of dmitrova.
The question:
At work with russian sites often instead of the russian text i see a mash of symbols. what to do?
The answer:
In program internet explorer will choose point of the menu "kind" - "fonts" and specify other coding of cyrillics. the current coding is marked by a tick. if you work with netscape communicator that to you by analogy it is necessary to choose the menu "kind" - "coding".
The question:
If at me not the desktop computer, and notebook, i can be connected to the network?
The answer:
Yes certainly, for this purpose the network card which we for you with pleasure will buy is necessary to you special pcmcia and we will establish in your car.

If you want to set to our service of technical support a question interesting you it can be made on ours Forum.
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