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  • Complete, i.e. designing and installation should be carried out as a unit for all connected components;
  • , i.e. should be executed so that time necessary for search and elimination of malfunctions was minimum.
Decisions which meet the requirements listed above, basically on firm siemon equipment - the world leader in the field of planning, installation and service of communication systems of buildings. firm siemon makes more rigid demands to cable system, than the standards accepted for today that guarantees its steady work even in non-standard situations. firm siemon guarantees that throughout 16 years, after carrying out of certification of the laid cable system, all components will correspond to standards and will be free from defects in materials, industrial and technological defects.

The company modern communications has all necessary certificates for carrying out of designing, installation, certified tests and service .

Local computer networks

Local computer networks " " (ATM, Ethernet, FDDI, VG, RadioEthernet .), .

The distributed computer networks, including with integration of services

Just as local networks became an integral part of offices, and the distributed networks became an integral part of the large organisations. presence of such network allows the organisations to reduce essentially expenses for maintenance of an information exchange between divisions, thus raising quality and reliability. the decisions offered by our company, are not limited what or technology, it can be atm, frame relay, x.25, radio ethernet, etc. in dependence from a real arrangement of the divisions, the developed infrastructure, requirements of shown customers the system is under construction optimum on productivity, reliability, the price and scalability.


The applied software which allows to make finished with a point business of process of the customer, the decision steals up, delivered and installed proceeding exclusively from inquiries of the customer. the spectrum on on which base the company modern communications offers the finished decisions, is wide enough, from decisions on the basis of microsoft, novell, to decisions on the basis of unix, hp, etc.

Installation of telephones to offices

At modern offices of technology of data transmission and a voice (telephony) are so closely connected that at designing it is necessary to consider both that and another. therefore the company together with operators of telecommunication finds the balanced decision a telephony / the data and bears for it responsibility that relieves the customer of necessity of the coordination of projects of the different organisations and guarantees reliability, working capacity and adequate expenses.

The organisation of access to the internet and virtual private networks

  • Of service of e-mail and post access to servers of network internet, access to the network in modes online and dialup ip, information services, connection with use of the allocated and satellite channels, ip a telephony, web design, including with connection to www-pages of sluices in a db, and all that the internet concerns concept;
  • Granting of services and decisions on the basis of technology vpn (virtual private networks) for communication with remote offices and mobile employees through tunnel connection through internet and-or other open networks.

Maintenance of expansion of the distributed corporate network with use of a basic network of open society "rostelecom" and a basic network of open society ""

Of open company "modern communications", is the official partner, open society "rostelecom" and open society "" - the companies of communication of russia, national operators of long-distance and international telecommunication, leaders in the russian market of telecommunication services.

These companies have wide recognition in the world market of telecommunications. closely co-operate with foreign operators, take part in realisation of the largest international telecommunication projects.

The developed channel structure is based on communication channels, with the maximum throughput of 2048 kbit/sek, and also on the satellite channels given .

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