Gift packing new year's packing for the floral artist, packing of colours and gifts

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Mailing ' accessories for floral artists. gift packing. for colours. '

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konin 2010

The registered trade mark
konin 2010

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"konin and to" is:

The marked list 10

The marked list

The marked list The sensitive and benevolent relation to clients

The marked list Flexible system of discounts

The marked list Forming of relations on long-term and mutually advantageous basis

Firm "konin and to"

The marked list Tapes for floral artists:

A grid,fabric,a tape-cord,

Tapes for gift packing.

Colours and shades on a choice.

The marked list Packages for colours of all forms and colouring

The marked list The film in rolls from leading manufacturers

The marked list Gift packages and baskets

The marked list Materials for floral artists:

Various kinds of grids, felt,, jute,

The marked list Extensive assortment of flower napkins

The marked list Oases, candles, cards and other accessories

The marked list

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