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We are ready to develop a site of any complexity, whether it be representative office, an information resource or internet shop. this service assumes working out of design, the concept, structure, and also input and editing of text materials and facsimiles.
The minisite, 1-3 pages
20-50 c.u.
The small site, to 10 pages
50-300 c.u.
The standard site, more than 10 pages
From 150 c.u.
Internet shop
From 500 c.u.

Of information (,) Of information , .
1-2 Of information : 1. .4, 2
10 c.u.
1-2 Of information : 3 c. 4, 5
30 c.u.
Operative updating (within an hour)
The margin of 100 %

-. URL () Of information e-mail.

Registration in the international (russian) search engines and catalogues (15 names)
40 c.u.
Of information (10 )
10 c.u.
Participation in ratings (5 names)
10 c.u.
Working out of one banner (46860)
20 c.u.
Working out of two banners (46860)
30 c.u.
Working out of one banner (100100)
15 c.u.
Working out of two banners (100100)
Participation in banner networks (1000 displays)
5 c.u.

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