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Our company are practised by connection to the network of local networks of the enterprises. it is required in a case when access to network internet is necessary simultaneously to many employees of the connected company. procedure of connection of office to network internet can be divided into some stages:

  • The organisation of allocated line
  • Acquisition of necessary equipment
  • Actually connection of the local computer network firm (lan) to internet
A fig. 2. Connection of the local computer network of office to internet

The local network of office is connected to knot of our company through a router in which quality the computer from os windowsnt (or unix) or the special device of access can be used. access in internet is carried out on the channel by throughput from 64 kbit/sek and above. connection of a lan of office can be carried out on To wireless channel, by means of wireless network SkyLink. " ".

If you were interested by our conditions, please, fill the questionnaire, and our employees will necessarily contact you in the near future.

The company "modern communications" connects channels to created own network on the maximum speed, limiting only an exit in external internet, according to requirements of the connected company. such way of connection gives the chance to have unlimited speed of access to local resources of our network, and also a city segment of network internet and can be convenient enough.

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