The Modern Communications Company formed in 1999 as a telecommunications company. 

Legal address: #4 Professionalnaya st., 141800 Dmitrov, Moscow region, Russia.

General Director: Mr. Fedor Aleksandrovich Zotov.


Main Business Lines (by the End of 2000)

  • System integration in the field of telecommunications.
  • Entire spectrum of Internet services.
  • Equipping of "smart buildings".
  • Distribution of products manufactured by CANON, CISCO, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, SUN and a number of other leading producers of computer hardware

MAIN AREAS OF specialization

Modern Communications Ltd. experts perform a wide range of work under the licenses granted to the Company, including:

  • a license of the Federal Licensing Center to perform project design for buildings and structures of Responsibility Category II, as well as technological engineering work, including cable communication lines, automatic telephone exchanges, computer centers and automatic control systems;
  • a Government License to carry on building and construction activity;
  • a license of the Ministry of Communications to provide data transmission and telematic services.

Structured Cable Systems

A cable system is at the core of telecommunication and life-support (utility) systems of any large building. All parts and elements of such a building's local area network (LAN), telephone communication, power supply and life-support systems rely on the use of an SCS (structured cable system) that necessarily must:

  • be multifunctional, i.e. allow any components of a life-support system, a voice/data communication system or a computer network to be integrated into it;
  • be redundant, i.e. require no major alternations to the existing cabling system in order to accommodate changes in the number, composition or location of the components of the SCS;
  • be integral, which implies that the SCS should be designed, installed and wired as an integral whole for all the components to be included into it;
  • be maintainable and repairable, which means that the SCS should be built so that the time required to locate and eliminate possible faults in it would be as short as possible.

The solutions that Modern Communications Ltd.  offers in this respect do meet the above-listed requirements, because they are largely based on the use of the equipment made by SIEMON, a world leader in the field of planning, assembly and servicing of communication systems for buildings. SIEMON's requirements to a structured cable system often exceed those set forth by most currently accepted industry standards, which ensures that such a system would function reliably even in most uncommon situations. Among other things, SIEMON guarantees that once a cable system is completed and certificated, all its components will meet the requirements of all applicable standards during no less than 16 years, and that they will be free of defects in workmanship or materials.

Local Area Networks

Lately, local area networks (LANs) became an integral part of modern offices. Modern Communications Ltd.   can design, install, maintain and service virtually any LAN of whatever scale or reliability level. We can offer our customers a variety of options to choose from simple and inexpensive concentrator-based solutions to complex and well-developed projects based on the use of virtual LAN technologies, third-level switching, integration of different transmission media (including ATM, Ethernet, FDDI, VG and others) and fully redundant improved-reliability LANs.

Distributed Computer Networks
(Including Networks with Integrated Services Capability)

Just as LANs are now an indispensable part of many a modern office, distributed networks are likewise rapidly becoming an integral part of large businesses. The availability of such a network allows a company to appreciably cut down on its outlays for ensuring fast and reliable information exchange between its individual branches while improving the quality and reliability of such exchange. The solutions that Modern Communications Ltd. offers in this field are not limited to any single technology  this could be an ATM, a Frame Relay, an X.25, a Radio Ethernet or others. Depending on the actual geographical location of a company's branches, the existing infrastructure and customer needs and requirements, we can build a system that would be optimal in terms of throughput, reliability, price tag and scalability.

Supply of Computer Hardware and Communication Equipment

Modern Communications Ltd.  is an official partner of a number of the world's leading manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, Sun, Cisco, IBM, Canon, Toshiba and others. We provide installation services, warranty-period and post-warranty servicing of and technical support (including on-site support) to the products we sell, as well as assistance in customer's personnel training.

Telephonization of Offices

In modern offices, data and voice transmission technologies are so intertwined and interrelated that they both must be taken into consideration every time an SCS is conceived and designed. Therefore Modern Communications Ltd., working jointly with telephone communication operators, always seeks to find a balanced voice/data solution and assumes full responsibility for it. This obviates the need for the customer to tiresomely coordinate the projects of different vendors, guarantees high reliability and full functionality of the final product, and helps optimize the customer's expenditures.

Access to Internet and Virtual Private Networks

Modern Communications Ltd.   can provide:

  • E-mail services and postal access to Internet servers, On-Line and Dialup IP access to Internet, information services, connection to Internet through dedicated and satellite communication channels, IP telephony services, WEB design (including access to the WWW pages of data base gateways, and generally anything that comes under the notion of Internet).
  • Services and solutions based on the use of VPNs (virtual private networks) for communication with remote offices and mobile employees through an encrypted tunnel connection via Internet and/or other open networks.

Deployment of a Distributed Intranet
Reference Network

Modern Communications Ltd.   is one of the  Internet-providers in Dmitrov, Moscow region. Its current channel architecture is based on the use of 2048-bit/s communication channels leased from a number of major communication operators.

Modern Communications Ltd.  can provide:

  • Frame Relay services;
  • ATM services;
  • Quality-of-Service (QoS);
  • Voice traffic capability;
  • VPN (virtual private network) mode capability;
  • Access to Internet.

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